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Reconnect with Your Dreams in 2020

I want you to be successful and feel encouraged, so you can reconnect with your health and fitness goals.  I want you to use this encouragement to begin engaging in all of the activities that you truly love! So, let’s dig in and start with how you can create reasonable goals to have the success […]

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Fitness and Recovery – How Did You Do in 2019?

It is time to do a review of your body and see how you did in 2019.  This review will include all of your fitness goals, how your injury recovery is coming along, and what preventative steps you have taken, or are taking, to prevent another injury from occurring in the future.   I have created […]

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3 Simple Techniques to Stop Holiday Overwhelm

It’s important to take the time and enjoy being in the company of our family and friends, especially during the holidays.  We can’t do this when we are overwhelmed. Instead, we often end up disconnecting instead of connecting and not paying attention to what we really need.  Body tension increases, and if we stop for […]

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7 Ways I Can Help You Beat Holiday Stress

This time of the year is full of stress, due to the amount of work that needs to be accomplished in addition to everything else that we do.  A few nights after work might be spent baking, while others are full of decorating, attending parties, and shopping for that endless list of gifts.  Oh, and […]

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How Long Does it Take to See Results from

I would love to say that the recovery time for every injury and every person is the same and that when you are experiencing difficulty, it will only take you between two and three weeks before you are back to your normal healthy self.  However, we are all different and every injury is different as […]

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