Do you feel like you are as tall as you want to be?  Or are you like many other people in this world who feels shorter than short?

Wanting to be taller is common, more common than you think, and while you may think that all hope is lost, it is not!  Beginning to practice Pilates is one of the easiest way to make yourself taller than ever before!

10 Pilates Exercises that Will Make You Taller

1.) Breast Stroke Exercise

This is a basic exercise in the world of Pilates and it is simple to do!  Simply lay down on the floor on your stomach.  Then bend your elbows and curl your upper body to elongate your spine and pull at your hips.  You should feel the stretch throughout your entire body, but please stop if it starts to hurt!  Repeat this exercise five times.

2.) Scapular Isolation Exercise

This is one of my favorite exercises for increasing height, because it seems to work instantly.  Plus, it feels so good!  Sit down with your back straight and your hands out in front of you.  Flex your back while paying attention to your shoulder blades, because they should spread apart before being brought back together.  This exercise needs to be completed slowly ten times.

3. Hundred Abdominal Exercise

While this exercise will help with your height, it is also excellent for your abs.  You will begin by laying down on the floor with your head and shoulders off of the ground.  While keeping your head and shoulders raised, you will lift your legs off of the floor, so your heels are no longer touching.  Breathe in and then out ten times before lowering your body and starting again.

If you want more abdominal exercises, check out this amazing Pilates workout for beginners!

4. Locust Pose

The locust pose begins with you on your stomach and your hands by your sides.  As you tighten your abdomen, you will lift your arms, legs, and as much of your upper body as you can.  Hold that position for a couple of seconds before lowering down and repeating.

5. Forward Bend

This exercise will help lengthen your spine, while allowing you to gently stretch it out.  Start by standing up straight and placing your feet slightly apart.  Place your arms over your head and then bend forward to touch the floor, as you bend at your hips.  Do not stress or worry if you cannot touch the floor right away!  It takes time to retrain your body!

6. Warrior Pose

This pose is used in both Pilates and Yoga, so you may already be familiar with it.  Start by standing with your feet apart and your arms over your head.  Turn your left foot ninety degrees and turn your right foot forty-five degrees.  Once your feet are in position, bend your left knee, raise both hands, and remember to breathe!

7. Exercise Ball Stretching

Exercise balls are so much fun, because they are so versatile.  While you can sit on them, this exercise is performed with you laying on your back on it.  Once you are laying down on the center of the ball, you will need to extend your arms out and make sure that your feet are apart.  Straighten your legs out slowly to bring the ball forward and then roll backwards to make a straight line with your body.  As soon as your body is straight, lift your head and chest up away from the ball.  Hold that pose for five seconds and then repeat.

8. Spine Stretching

This is one of the more popular Pilates exercises for getting taller, probably because it works well.  Sit up on the floor with your back straight and extend your legs all of the way in front of you.  Yes, you know where I am going with this!  Don’t give up yet!  Bend forward and place your hands as close to your feet as you can.  The goal is to touch your feet, while feeling the stretch and holding it for ten whole seconds.  Yes, it will seem like an eternity at first and you will be nowhere close to your feet.  But, you will get there!

9. Child Pose

This is a good exercise to do after the spine stretch above, because you will be relaxing all of those spine muscles that you just tormented!  Simply kneel on the floor and sit on your heels.  Bend forward and place the palms of your hands on the floor before bringing your shoulders forward and resting your hands and the rest of your body.  Stay like this for five seconds, although you may want to stay longer since it is so comfortable!

10. Cobra Pose

Now that we have your back nice and relaxed again, it is time for the cobra pose.  Lay down on the floor on your stomach and place your hands on the floor under where your shoulders are located.  Tighten your abs while pushing upwards and straightening your arms.  Hold for a second before relaxing and going down to your original position.

The good news is that you will be taller and have a stronger core once you begin practicing these ten Pilates exercises regularly.  Stop complaining about your height today and get started!  Even if you just do one or two for now, it is a start to a taller and healthier you!

When you are ready for even more Pilates exercises, you are going to want to download this Pilates workout for beginners.  It will allow you to add even more exercises to your days for an even stronger core and better you.