The Conscious Movement Course was created to help people understand their own body patterns and how they need to change them to move properly.  You may not realize it, but the way that you sit, stand, and move around may not be the best way for you. In fact, the way that you are currently moving could be causing you some of your pain, or allowing you to get injured easier, and I want to help you spend the rest of your life with less pain.  

10 Reasons Why You Need the Conscious Movement Course

  1. Learn Your Body Patterns

As I mentioned above, you must know what your unique body patterns are, so you can move pain-free throughout your life.  While you may not think that you can change the way that you move or the body patterns that you currently have, I know that all of my techniques will give you the help that you need.  

  1. Cost-Effective Treatment You Can Do at Home

Many times, you must travel to a studio or a gym to get assistance from a trainer or other professional.  Those sessions can be expensive, plus it includes a lot of traveling on your part. The Conscious Movement Course has a low one-time fee and you can keep it forever!  That means that you can easily use it, again and again, to continue with your goals of being pain-free for life! The fact that you can do it at home is an added benefit that I know you will love and appreciate! 

  1. Tons of Instruction Videos are Included

This course does not include me talking into a microphone and expecting you to understand everything I am saying.  Instead, I created more than eighty helpful instructional videos that show you exactly what I am talking about. No one wants to guess if they are doing something right or wrong, and these videos will help you see the right way to do the exercises and the other trainings.

  1. Free Equipment

A lot of courses out there expect you to pay for extra equipment and that makes those expensive classes even more expensive.  The Conscious Movement Course is different though because you receive the equipment that you need for free! Included in your course are three body release balls, a high-quality foam roller, and an air pump.  These items are ones that I personally use and approve of, which is why I include them with your course.  

  1. Leave the Vicious Pain Cycle

The Conscious Movement Course will have you relearning how to move while getting you out of the vicious cycle that we all find ourselves in.  Instead of overworking some muscles and underworking others, which allows for higher injury risk, you will learn how to work all of your muscles equally.  Those stronger muscles will then help you have better alignment, which will give you more endurance. At the same time, you will have fewer pain signals, which means you will not have to move improperly and create adaptive body patterns anymore.  

  1. Complete the Course at Your Own Pace

I know how busy everyone is in this day and age, which is why I wanted to create a course that you can do at your own pace.  Many other courses have a strict schedule that you must follow, but the Conscious Movement Course will allow you to complete the steps in the time that you have available.  Plus, it allows you to go back and rewatch something multiple times if you need to, so you understand it completely.  

  1. A Well-Rounded Training

Most training offers information on how to prevent injuries or how to retrain your brain or how to do stability and mobility exercises.  However, the Conscious Movement Course shares all those in one easy to use training. You will even find that each lesson blends seamlessly to the next, so you are using what you learned before for everything that you learn in the future.  

  1. Receive a Personal Assessment Video and Guide

There are many times when you want to start the journey towards a better you, but have no idea where to start!  This course includes a personal assessment video and guide, which will allow you to determine which areas you should focus on first, or the most.  

  1. A Weekly Journal Option

As you complete this course, you can fill out the weekly journal that is included.  I have found that journaling is helpful because you can use it to look back at how far you have come since you started this new journey.  While you may not remember everything that you accomplished, your weekly journal will remind you of it all.  

  1. A Private Support Group

While the Conscious Movement Course is completed at home, I realize that we all need a way to find support when we need it the most.  A private support group is included with the course and you will always find someone on there to answer your questions, lift up your spirit, and keep you going through whatever hurdle you are facing.  

These are ten reasons why you need the Conscious Movement Course, but I know once you start using it, you will find many others.  I hope you share those reasons with me, as well as the success that you have.