I have recovered from many different kinds of injuries over the years some more difficult than others to recover from hile I hope you have not had to deal with what I have, I am pretty sure that r this will be of help. I always say that it is better to be prepared than to be caught off-guard and having no clue what to do!  Therefore, I really want to share a couple of things that helped me tremendously with swelling and pain during each of my recoveries. 


3 Tips to Reduce Swelling and Soreness During Recovery

  1. Rest as Much as Possible

When you get injured, don’t worry, take your time, it’s meant to slow you down and reconnect you to your body. You will get back to the things you love soon enough, be patient. Ask me how I know!  

Hey, kinds of things happen to everyone, you get injured and within a couple of days, you are sitting there ready to push yourself. t  I have seen people working out in a cast, hobbling around in the gym with their crutches, and doing everything except the one thing that they should be doing.  

Well, let me tell you that all those things, and many others, will not help you recuperate any faster than old fashioned rest will.  Your body needs rest in order to recoup the energy it needs for you to be an active person again. It doesn’t matter if the doctor tells you to stay in bed for a month or to sit down every half hour, you need to listen! 

  1. Stay Hydrated

How much water do you drink when you are healthy and capable of doing anything and everything?  I am going to say, hopefully as much as you should be, since it helps you flush out toxins and replenish energy.  

When you are laid up, or simply injured, you must continue to drink all of that water and even a little extra. Try drinking some electrolyte water daily to lower your ph balance helping reduce inflammation, this will help reduce swelling, and less swelling will mean less pain for you to suffer through.  

Now I know that you are thinking that you can get your quota of liquids through soda, coffee, and alcohol, but that simply isn’t true.  I am not going to tell you that you cannot drink any of those things, but please do so in moderation because they make your body more acidic which leads to more inflammation and that’s what you want to get rid of.  If you cannot stand the taste of water, add a lemon or lime to it, and get a little more by eating raw vegetables, which are between 80% and 90% water.

  1. Work at Keeping Your Inflammation to a Minimum

Did you know that meat, eggs, wheat, and dairy products cause inflammation within your body?  This is not something that you are going to want when you are injured since you will have enough swelling and pain from your injury!  

I recommend that you try to change your diet, so you are not eating foods that will increase the inflammation throughout your body.  You may not be ready to become a vegetarian, but adding more plant-based, unprocessed foods to your diet is a great place to start. I know that it helped me tremendously and I am hopeful that you will experience the same results.  

I hope that you utilize these three things the next time you are injured so that you can experience less swelling and soreness during your recovery.  Of course, you may need to do some deep breathing and visualization at the same time, but it will be worth every minute that you are pain-free!