As children, our mirroring neurons observe our caretakers and others and we unconsciously start integrating these body patterns. Additionally, we get injuries and adapt movements to cope over time these create dysfunctional patterns, They can turn into habits that once you are conscious of can change. Life simply happens and the busyness of your days, stress, and a million other things happen that keep us from checking in and taking the time to make changes.  

Once you develop these bad habits, they are quite difficult to break, because you won’t truly see them.  However, these same habits can get in your way and prevent you from having the strength in your body that you should have. 

You might also think that you have this whole dysfunctional body pattern figured out and you won’t need to worry because you don’t have any, right? 

This might be true, but do you constantly sit on your wallet, if you are a man, or carry a bag or a purse if you are a woman?  I bet that you do, and those kinds of things create additional bad habits that are going to mess with your body patterns.  

Men, when you sit on your wallet, your entire body automatically shifts to one side, due to the bulge underneath your other side.  Ladies, when you are carrying a bag or a purse, you are automatically going to lean further to that one side, due to the extra weight.  These kinds of things can lead to you feeling off in your back and start causing back pain.  

As soon as you recognize these habits and the body patterns that go with them, you are going to want to start making changes.  My Conscious Movement Course will change not only your body patterns but the pattern of communication with your doctors as well.  There is a complete section in my course that will teach you how to talk to your doctors so they listen and how to provide the information that they need to know quickly, so they can help you.  

Now is the time to finally change all of those bad habits that you have formed over the years so that you no longer have a dysfunctional body pattern to deal with as well.  Try my Conscious Movement Course today and take back your life for the future!