Recovery Tips

How Long Does it Take to See Results from

I would love to say that the recovery time for every injury and every person is the same and that when you are experiencing difficulty, it will only take you between two and three weeks before you are back to your normal healthy self.  However, we are all different and every injury is different as […]

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7 Easy Steps to Mentally Recover from an Injury

Injuries are tough, whether minor or major, they provoke emotional responses which we need to address and support to fully heal.  Expect your emotions to go up and down as you feel frustrated and hopeful at different times, try not to let the negative ones take over.  Negative thoughts can lead to feelings of depression […]

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How to Avoid Weight Gain After an Injury

Getting injured is never part of anyone’s plan, let alone the side effects that come with the injury itself.  Some injuries do not last for that long, but others can have you laying in bed, or doing nothing, for quite some time.   One of the things that I have noticed that we all have to […]

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