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Have you tried just about everything in search of the perfect program to care for your body?

Does any of these sound familiar?

With the D’Amour Method now being offered in our Conscious Movement Course, you’ll find yourself not only improving your body, but understanding it. You’ll feel invigorated, renewed, stronger, and more confident. You’ll feel like your very best you. My course is not only gentle on the body, but it allows you to form a solid foundation, rebalance and rebuild the body, and learn functional restorative techniques.


With very little equipment and easy to follow tutorials, you’ll be able to take control of how you feel on YOUR time and at YOUR pace. Gone are the pressures of walking into a gym, not knowing what machine you need. The Conscious Movement Course includes everything you need to achieve a body you feel confident and strong in.

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If you find yourself struggling with relentless body pain or are looking for an exciting new approach to exercise like you’ve never experienced before, you’ve come to the right place.

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Hi! I'm Bhavani

I’ve always been fascinated by movement. Beginning as a dancer at the age of eight, moving my body was my way of not only expressing myself, but feeling alive. While studying dance at the California Institute of the Arts, I suffered a dancing-related injury. Because the dance program I was a part of utilized Pilates as a part of their Physical Therapy program, it was included in my curriculum. After utilizing Pilates to recover from my own injury, my eyes were opened to its ability to transform, heal, and train the body.

I realized so many things about my body through the use of Pilates. I discovered that there were muscles I was overworking while overlooking others. I learned about how when our bodies are out of alignment, we unconsciously use the wrong muscles by default. I noticed a large gap in the Pilates technique, and I knew I was the one to fill this gap.

My program helps you get off the physical therapy table and out of the gym to the comfort of your own home where you can learn to enjoy the physical things you love to do again.

It is my goal to help others feel connected to their bodies and see the beauty and power they have within. You can experience a joy and freedom unlike any other when you know you are taking care of your body by working them correctly.


I never knew there could be a “gift” for fitness training but Bhavani’s got it!  Her warmth and caring come through in every course module.  Her level of dedication is remarkable.  She makes you feel completely secure as you embark on this workout program.  Her knowledge of physiology and anatomy is awesome.  That’s really important in a trainer.” – Lisa

After enduring a severe back injury eleven years ago, I was searching for the perfect solution. I tried everything. From surgeries to hours of physical therapy, I still found myself dealing with the pain and suffering from sciatica, back spasms, and joint pain that severely affected my quality of life. It wasn’t until The D’Amour Method that I found relief. The Pilates-based program almost immediately reduced my pain and improved my strength, flexibility, and deposition. I have been able to manage my pain levels, build a strong and balanced physique, develop an incredible body awareness, and thrive both physically and mentally.” – Jenn

“I initially went to see Bhavani because I wanted to have someone create a Pilates-based exercise regimen for me. I have been diagnosed with auto-immune disorders that medications have not helped and that have pain and inflammation-related symptoms. I had tried many other forms of exercise and felt that Pilates might be more helpful. Plus, I wanted to get into shape and tone up some areas that were in need of attention. I ended up with so much more than I ever expected when I went for my first visit with Bhavani. She was like a human MRI.  Observing my posture and movement and listening to my symptoms, she zeroed in like a laser, identified the sources of my chronic pain and developed a very specific regimen.  Besides her Pilates training, her extensive knowledge of dance and body kinetics led Bhavani to develop her own program of exercises that goes well beyond Pilates. She is a master of her craft.” -Susan

The Conscious Movement Course has changed my life.  I was in a car accident and had tried everything to stop my chronic migraines for the past ten years.  Since I have been working with the videos, I have become more aware of my muscles and have learned how to breathe into the muscles individually.  I have a whole new pain-free life.  This work has changed my business also.  I now share with my clients how to breathe. ” – Joan

conscious movement course

Take control of how you feel on YOUR time and at YOUR pace.


For the low price of $297, you’ll receive everything you need to perform the course safely and effectively. Your investment includes the course ($1000 value) PLUS a bonus kit ($225 value) just for you!


I want you to stop wasting your time with programs that don’t make sense for your needs! Take control of how you feel on YOUR time and at YOUR pace in the comfort of your own home. I truly believe through the Conscious Movement Course, you can feel invigorated, renewed, stronger, and more confident from Day 1.

conscious movement course

Take control of how you feel on YOUR time and at YOUR pace.


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The 12 week program creates personalized movement experiences.  Learn how to manage and alleviate pain. Set realistic goals and be able to follow through.  Feel good about yourself! When people are in pain it can take hold and be hard to even smile again let alone enjoy life.  We take these steps together building a program to correct muscular imbalances and re-calibrate the nervous system. We always play it safe.  We want to stay in the game. Injuries cause loss of time and can cause long term effects. Movement can bring back hope and joy. Get reconnected with you!

This ONE-TIME kit purchase saves you countless amounts of money spent on in-person appointments. The course also allows you to utilize the program on your own time and at your own pace. Gone are the days of frantically booking an appointment or scheduling time to drive out of town to your favorite therapist. You can perform the course  in the comfort of your own home where you feel comfortable, confident, and secure

While anyone can benefit from The Conscious Movement Course, I find in my practice that my specialty is those over the age of forty. Many clients find this program after trying several approaches to body pain relief such as physical therapy and other exercises. This program works for people of all physical levels, including those who have never exercised before. Because it is gentle and thorough, it allows you to ease into it and get to know your body and all that it is capable of.

Scroll below and purchase the course TODAY! It’s never too early or too late to get started. I recommend beginning by logging into the course and listening to the introduction to the series and discovering the foundation of my method in the first lesson. From there, you’ll work through each lesson  and learn how to pay close attention to your body for feedback as you make your way throughout the course.

The Conscious Movement Course focuses on YOU. It gives you the opportunity to get to know your body, understand how it works, and then use the exercises to create new efficiencies while correcting poor body mechanics. Utilizing proper breathing, the method enables you to connect with your body’s set rhythms in a way that is gentle and healing. The method allows you to work at your own pace, on your own time. It is unlike any other workout program because it is a mind-body reconditioning program that promotes optimal functioning of the body.

Each kit includes all three DVDs, a high-quality foam roller, three body release balls, and a pump.. The first DVD focuses on the foundation of the method, allowing you to explore your muscles and how to use them, correct body positions while executing the movements, engage in breathing techniques to better engage the muscles, and introduces other basic exercises.


The second DVD focuses on body releases utilizing the balls and rollers and stretching techniques to release muscle tension and open the nervous system for re-education. The third DVD is designed to rebalance and strengthen the body. The sections should be done in order so that you can develop full body awareness along each step of the way.

You will find that after using The Conscious Movement Course, you understand your body better than you ever have before. You’ll be able to feel how invigorating it is to learn to use your muscles efficiently and correctly. You might find yourself feeling greater amounts of energy, stronger, and confident in your abilities. You may also discover that you feel increased endurance and an enhanced sense of control over your physical body.

conscious movement course

Take control of how you feel on YOUR time and at YOUR pace.