Alleviate Pain, Increase Flexibility, Stabilize Joints, with Conscious Movement!

Get your muscles to fire in the right order to achieve maximum efficiency!

Step-by-Step, Mind-Body Reconditioning Program:

The Conscious Movement Course combines the D’Amour Method and neuroscience to alleviate pain and reestablish new body patterns allowing you to move at your own pace in the comfort of your home.


Overworking Muscles = Underworking Others = HIGHER RISK OF INJURY

Poor Alignment = Lack of Muscle Stability = LOWER ENDURANCE

Pain Signals = Adaptive Body Patterns = MORE PAIN!


I developed this program to share my 30+ years of movement education experience with you. Specializing in injury recovery and prevention I have seen many people in need of support and guidance. Your body patterns are unique to you, the key is to bring consciousness to your movement.

We have the ability to correct body patterns and relieve pain to move with ease and efficiency. In this program I use a blend my experiences in dance, Pilates, small ball/roller release techniques, neuroscience as well as somatic and meditation practices. The Conscious Movement Course gives you all skills and tools you need to succeed!

Having more clients than I could help in my studio weekly I developed this online program. This is cost effective, my price to create a home treatment program ranges from $450- $1,000. With the Conscious Movement Course, I now am able to reach more people and make it affordable. I’m really excited to provide you with everything you need.  Click here to get started and receive free equipment with purchase.


80+ Instructional Videos – Brain Training – Free Equipment


Key Components

  • Posterior lateral breathing
  • Improve muscle coordination
  • Access abdominals & pelvic floor
  • Pelvic mobility

             (Value $500)

Basic Movements- Injury Prevention

  • Head/neck
  • Arm/scapulae
  • Spine/pelvis
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Feet/ankles
  • Hands/wrists

             (Value $250)

Small Ball/Roller Releases

  • Myofascial releases-head to toe
  • Correct ball sizes for great results
  • Foam rolling do's & dont's
  • Sequences to alleviate pain

             (Value $800)

Stability/Mobility Exercises

  • Strengthen without tightening
  • Sections for upper/lower body
  • Build a stable core
  • Improve flexibility & increase endurance

             (Value $800)

Brain Training

  • Positive Neuroplasticity Training
  • Pain Management
  • Meditation
  • Neuromuscular reeducation

             (Value $500)

Free D’Amour Method Kit

+ Free Shipping and Handling while Supplies


  • FREE- high-quality foam roller
  • FREE- body release balls (3) used to release muscle tension and open the nervous system
  • FREE- Air pump to use with the body release balls

             (Value $125)

Bonus Materials

  • Private Support Group
  • Weekly Journal
  • Certification of Completion
  • Personal Assessment Video & Guide

             (Value $250)

Total Value $ 3,225

To set up a home program with me it costs $450-$1000. This 12 Module Conscious Movement Course has sequences to correct body patterns, corrections for mistakes, cues for precision. I wanted to make this affordable for anyone wanting to alleviate pain, increase flexibility and rebalance your body to function at its best!  The course is yours forever for only $297!


  • Are you in search of the perfect program to fit your needs?
  • Do you want to be able to do the things you love without pain?
  • Are you tired of reoccurring injuries that get in your way of enjoying life?
  • Looking to rebuild and rebalance so you can perform and FEEL better?
  • Are you looking for something guided that is safe and effective?

It can be frustrating. I have been there too.

Are you ready to get back to doing the things you love?

How We Do This:

First of all, we need to start at the beginning, we need to rebuild your foundation. It’s important to get rid of the rubble first in order to build. To do this we systematically break down the dysfunctional body patterns, then we rewire your nervous system to fire the muscles in the correct order. We do this to give you access to all of your muscles when you need them. 

We don’t want some offline causing others to take over. This program is not only injury recovery but injury prevention. After learning these techniques, you will know your body well enough to be able to perform the activities you love, knowing when to modify certain movements if needed. Building strength, endurance and confidence right in the comfort of your own home.

A home program is not only important it’s essential to your health. People who have a home routine feel less body tension and increased energy.


I never knew there could be a “gift” for fitness training but Bhavani’s got it!  Her warmth and caring come through in every course module.  Her level of dedication is remarkable.  She makes you feel completely secure as you embark on this workout program.  Her knowledge of physiology and anatomy is awesome.  That’s really important in a trainer.” – Lisa

After enduring a severe back injury eleven years ago, I was searching for the perfect solution. I tried everything. From surgeries to hours of physical therapy, I still found myself dealing with the pain and suffering from sciatica, back spasms, and joint pain that severely affected my quality of life. It wasn’t until working with Bhavani that I found relief. The Pilates-based program almost immediately reduced my pain and improved my strength, flexibility, and deposition. I have been able to manage my pain levels, build a strong and balanced physique, develop an incredible body awareness, and thrive both physically and mentally.” – Jenn

“I initially went to see Bhavani because I wanted to have someone create a Pilates-based exercise regimen for me. I have been diagnosed with auto-immune disorders that medications have not helped and that have pain and inflammation-related symptoms. I had tried many other forms of exercise and felt that Pilates might be more helpful. Plus, I wanted to get into shape and tone up some areas that were in need of attention. I ended up with so much more than I ever expected when I went for my first visit with Bhavani. She was like a human MRI.  Observing my posture and movement and listening to my symptoms, she zeroed in like a laser, identified the sources of my chronic pain and developed a very specific regimen.  Besides her Pilates training, her extensive knowledge of dance and body kinetics led Bhavani to develop her own program of exercises that goes well beyond Pilates. She is a master of her craft.” -Susan

The Conscious Movement Course has changed my life.  I was in a car accident and had tried everything to stop my chronic migraines for the past ten years.  Since I have been working with the videos, I have become more aware of my muscles and have learned how to breathe into the muscles individually.  I have a whole new pain-free life.  This work has changed my business also.  I now share with my clients how to breathe. ” – Joan

conscious movement course

Take control of how you feel on YOUR time and at YOUR pace.


It not only shows you how to do each exercise and movement correctly, it shows you the most commonly made mistakes and how to correct them; changing current body patterns that stop you from working your muscles effectively.


The Conscious Movement Course combines body releases using a roller and balls, correct stretching techniques and exercise sequences that reprogram your muscles. You’ll find yourself not only improving your body but understanding it, feeling invigorated, renewed, stronger, and more confident. In this special offer I have included my D’Amour Method Kit.


My course allows you to form a solid foundation, challenging yet gentle on your body. Feel empowered as you rebuild and create new neuropathways to function and restore balance.


With very little equipment and easy to follow tutorials, you’ll be able to take control of how you feel on YOUR time and at YOUR pace, everything to achieve a body you feel confident and strong in!


Here are some short video clips from the course.


I want you to stop wasting your time with programs that don’t make sense for your needs! Take control of how you feel on YOUR time and at YOUR pace in the comfort of your own home. I truly believe through the Conscious Movement Course, you can feel invigorated, renewed, stronger, and more confident from Day 1.

  • Learn how to better understand your body through my gentle, step-by-step, mind-body reconditioning program
  • Use visual and hands-on techniques to understand the way your body works and re-educate your body to function as efficiently as possible
  • Develop body awareness and perform each exercise correctly using the unique D’Amour Method DVDs that give a clear demonstration to identify which muscles should be working with each exercise
  • Learn how to be more attentive to how your muscles are performing and how to recognize when your body is working correctly and efficiently
  • MOVE better, FEEL more energy, and gain a sense of POWER over your physical being

conscious movement course

Take control of how you feel on YOUR time and at YOUR pace.


This is for you if...

  • You are looking for ways to improve the physical pain you’re experiencing
  • You want a mind-body connection and to be more aware of your body
  • You are looking for a way to understand your body more than ever
  • You want to experience your own beauty and power within

This is not for you if...

  • You are looking for a “quick-fix”
  • You aren’t serious about learning how to connect with and understand your body
  • You’re not ready for a change in your mind-body connection to help you feel more confident, stronger, and rebalanced


Yes. One payment ONLY! The course is your for a LIFETIME!

The program is set up into 12 modules you can complete them in as little as 12 weeks or you can take as long as you wish the program is your forever. 

It’s great you already have found some things you love to do!

My clients have found that with as little as 10-15 minutes a week they are able to enjoy their activities more. This course can be used in conjunction with any program, or as your main source of exercise.

Scroll below and purchase the course TODAY! It’s never too early or too late to get started. I recommend beginning by logging into the course and listening to the introduction to the series and discovering the foundation of my method in the first lesson. From there, you’ll work through each lesson  and learn how to pay close attention to your body for feedback as you make your way throughout the course.

It’s a perfect time to start understanding where your limits are. Restrictions only limit you when you don’t know they exist. This program helps you move forward with new tools to succeed and prevent injuries in the future. 

Each kit includes a high-quality foam roller, three body release balls, and a pump. Additionally, you’ll receive 3 DVD’s to use when you don’t want to log into the course.

I am so excited for you to get started!

Once you make your purchase you will shortly receive the link to your online course. Additionally, your kit comes with free shipping + handling while supplies last! Yes Free! I want you to be able to get started and have the right equipment for maximum functionality.

Wishing you all the best!


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