What range of people can do The D’Amour Method?

Anyone can benefit from the D’Amour Method.  In my practice, my specialty is the over-40 age group.  A lot of my clients come to me after having tried many approaches to relieve body pain.  Moreover, this program is ideal for folks who have never exercises before.  It is a gentle and thorough way to get to know your body and ease into a regular regime.  The first two DVD’s can be done by almost anyone.  The third is meant for those who have completed the first two and whose bodies are physically prepared to progress to the next level my personal workout.


What kind of results can I expect?

To begin with, you may be surprised to discover you can understand your body better than you expected.  You’ll also see how much fun it can be –  and how invigorating  –  to learn to use your muscles correctly.  Some may feel greater energy right away.  Others will approach the work – and see results – more slowly.  You may find you feel stronger and more confident in your body, even as you go about your daily routine.  You may discover increased endurance as well.  Best of all, you will begin gaining an enhanced sense of control over your physical body.


How do I get started?

Start with the first DVD, listening to my introductory to the series.  The first DVD in this series is the foundation of my Method.  You’ll explore your muscles and how to use them, correct body positions when executing the movements, breathing techniques to better engage the muscles, and the basic exercises which the D’Amour Method builds upon throughout the entire series.  The second DVD focuses on releases using the balls and roller, and stretching techniques to release muscle tension and open the nervous system for reeducation.  The third DVD is a carefully designed program to re-balance and strengthen your body.  The exercises will guide you through a program of releases, stretches , and exercises to reeducate your nervous system, allowing new, healthy body patterns to establish in daily activities.  Please be sure to undertake each section in order.  The order is important and has been refined over many years of working with clients.  I have found that the key to developing a successful program is in you developing body awareness.  So, pay close attention to your body for feedback, as you exercise.

What makes this approach unique?


The D’Amour Method focuses on YOU. It gives you the opportunity to get to know your body, understand how it works, and then use the exercises to create new efficiencies while correcting poor body mechanics. Utilizing proper breathing, the method enables you to connect with your body’s set rhythms in a way that is gentle and healing. The method allows you to work at your own pace, on your own time. It is unlike any other workout program because it is a mind-body reconditioning program that promotes optimal functioning of the body.


What are the benefits of using a DVD versus going to an in-person appointment?


This ONE-TIME kit purchase saves you countless amounts of money spent on in-person appointments. The DVD also allows you to utilize the program on your own time and at your own pace. Gone are the days of frantically booking an appointment or scheduling time to drive out of town to your favorite therapist. You can perform these DVDs in the comfort of your own home where you feel comfortable, confident, and secure.


What is included in the kit?


Each kit includes all three DVDs, a high-quality foam roller, three body release balls, and a pump and the 12 Week Conscious Movement Course. The first DVD focuses on the foundation of the method, allowing you to explore your muscles and how to use them, correct body positions while executing the movements, engage in breathing techniques to better engage the muscles, and introduces other basic exercises.


The second DVD focuses on body releases utilizing the balls and rollers and stretching techniques to release muscle tension and open the nervous system for re-education. The third DVD is designed to re-balance and strengthen the body. The sections should be done in order so that you can develop full body awareness along each step of the way.

What is the 12 Week Conscious Movement Course?