It is time to do a review of your body and see how you did in 2019.  This review will include all of your fitness goals, how your injury recovery is coming along, and what preventative steps you have taken, or are taking, to prevent another injury from occurring in the future.  

I have created two checklists that you can use to gather the information you need for your review.  They are very simple, and you can easily print these checklists, so you can see exactly where you have been successful and where you may need a little additional help.  

Just be honest with yourself, there are no wrong answers to these questions.  And don’t worry, if you didn’t reach all of your goals or completely heal, because we all need a little extra help, or time, every now and then! 

Next week, I will be back with ways to use all of this information to create new achievable goals that will guarantee that you are even more successful in 2020!  Therefore, make sure you have these questions answered, so you can get a jumpstart on the new year!

Checklist 1 – Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Did you set any goals regarding your body’s overall health and fitness levels?  What were those goals and did you achieve any of them in 2019?
  2. Are you currently suffering from injuries that occurred this past year or even before that?  If so, what are those injuries? 
  3. How do you prioritize your time?  Do you take time every day to care for your physical well-being?  
  4. Do you have people in your life that support you and want you to live a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle?  If so, name them and what they bring into your life.  

Checklist 2 – Simply Circle Your Answers

  1. Did you have a physical with your doctor?  Yes / No
  2. Did you suffer an injury or have a physical accident?  Yes / No
  3. Do you exercise 3-4 times a week?  Yes / No
  4. Do you know how to modify exercise when necessary?  Yes / No
  5. Are you able to physically do the things you love?  Yes / No

By answering these questions (truthfully), you will discover exactly what things have been working well and which ones have not been working as well as you thought.  As I mentioned above, there is no need to get frustrated or upset if you didn’t reach all of your goals or recover completely.  

We are entering a whole new year, one where you can continue to reach for the stars and make all of your dreams come true!  Don’t forget, I will be back next week to help you create a new plan that will have you reaching your goals and finding the success that you have always wanted!