The D’Amour Method re-educates the body to perform optimally.  It fuses Pilates-inspired exercises, proper stretching techniques, and releases, performed on small balls and a foam roller.  Whether you are recovering from an injury, concerned about the effects of aging or just wanting to get in shape, taking care of your body is one way to help ensure quality of life.


This gentle, step-by-step, mind-body reconditioning program uses visual and hands-on techniques to help you better understand your body, before you start working it.  The Method starts with finding the breath.  That leads to feeling your body and the way it works now, then discovering ways in which it can work better.  The next step is re-educating the body to function at its best.


One of the most important goals of quality fitness program is to help you develop body awareness.  One of the issues of working from a DVD is that most of us don’t know how to check our own bodies to see if we are working correctly.  We certainly don’t know how to correct our errors.  Each exercise on the D’Amour Method DVD starts with a demonstration that identifies which muscles should be working.  Corrective techniques to address the most commonly made mistakes are then illustrated.  While using our DVD, pay close attention to your body.  Be attentive to how your muscles are performing.  When your body is working correctly and efficiently, you move better, you feel more energy, and you gain a sense of power over your physical being.