I would love to say that the recovery time for every injury and every person is the same and that when you are experiencing difficulty, it will only take you between two and three weeks before you are back to your normal healthy self.  However, we are all different and every injury is different as well.  

Someone you know might have simply pulled a muscle, while you are suffering from a torn ligament or something worse that was caused by a major fall or blunt force trauma.  Your pain level might be worse than someone else’s or you might only be experiencing intermittent pain. There are so many variables to keep in mind, that it is almost impossible to determine a timeframe for the recovery process!

Over the years, I have discovered that those people who are in extreme pain are the ones that are willing to do the work and stay motivated to relieve the pain and get better.  Anyone that has masked the pain with medication, or those who have just accepted the pain as a way of life, basically keep ignoring what is wrong and continue to make adjustments that are not really helping them recover as fast as they could.  

I truly believe that your emotional state affects how you recover as well, which is why you should really acknowledge the pain you are feeling and understand that you will have many days where you feel disappointed, fearful, and even frustrated with yourself.  This is all normal and my Conscious Movement Course can help you process those feelings while also providing steps to help you heal physically.  

Throughout my course, you will learn myofascial releases, as well as proper stretching techniques that will realign your body and help your muscles learn how to fire in the proper order once again.  As you are following along in my course, your atrophied muscles will begin to heal and your nervous system will learn a new pattern to follow, so you can begin to move in a better and healthier way.  

This will be difficult at first, especially if you are masking your pain, but if you use the tools that are part of my Conscious Movement Course, you will heal at a much faster rate than you would if you were just going to physical therapy.  At least, that is my experience of working with clients.  

My program helps you break down dysfunctional patterns within your nervous system, starting with releasing your fascial enabling your muscles to slide past each other not sticking to one another. Once done the stretching phase begins, so you can create proper mobility, lengthen those muscles, and release any trapped nerves.  It is at this time that your muscles will be reactivated and each one will fire in the pattern that they were designed to.  This will prevent your joints, ligaments, and tendons from being injured again.  

As soon as your muscles have been retrained, you and your body will be ready for the strength training portion of my Conscious Movement Course.  This strengthening portion will ensure that you continue to train and program your body to move freely without massive pain and discomfort.  

This entire process will take as long as it must, so there is not really a clear cut answer to the question, “How long does it take to recover from?”.  You are your own person and your body is different from everyone else’s. Therefore, you need to work at a pace that will work best for you!  

That is why I created the Conscious Movement Course, so you can work at it at your own pace.  If you do the work you can start to see results in only two or three days. This course is yours for a lifetime too, so you can use it to continue to see results long after this recovery is over and you can prevent future injuries from ever occurring.  

Imagine never needing to suffer through the recovery process ever again, because you took the time to retrain your body and keep it trained through the Conscious Movement Course!  It is possible and the best time to begin is right now before you begin to adapt even more bad habits into your movements!