We all have fears, but until we learn to face them head-on, they are going to control every minute of our lives.  What?  You don’t think so? Have you ever returned to a place where you have been injured in the past?  Do you still stay away from the restaurant where a person you loved broke your heart because you don’t want all those feelings to flow back into your brain?  Do you skip a part of a trail, because you fell there before, and you are afraid that you will fall there again if you return?

All those what-ifs and scary thoughts are coming from a place of fear and until you overcome them, your life will never move forward to where you need it to be!

Here are three steps that you can take to overcome your fears when you finally return to those places where you have been injured in the past:

1. Stop Thinking All those Negative Thoughts

This step is going to be crazy difficult, because what is the first thing you are going to think about when you consider going back to a specific destination?  I guarantee that the first thing that pops into your

brain will be how you were injured!

Those thoughts are not going to be helpful upon your return, which is why I recommend that you take

the time to do what you need to in order to get those horrendous thoughts out of your head!  Write them down on paper and throw them into a burning fire, so you don’t ever need to think of them ever again.

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2. Visualize Your Amazing Future

Yes, you may have been injured and you may still be going through the recovery phase from that injury.

However, you still have an amazing future in front of you!  It may not be easy to see it at first, especially if you are struggling to recover, but it is there waiting for you!

Imagine yourself going to where you were injured and thinking about all the good things that are there.

Visualize yourself safe and sound and keep doing that until you can finally feel at ease whenever you think of this destination.

This is going to take some time to do, so don’t feel like you can rush through this step.  It could take you weeks or months before you are ready for the next step.

3. Go to Where You Were Injured by Yourself

Step three is definitely the hardest of them all, especially if you decide to skip over the first two steps and do it right away.  I recommend tackling this step once you have successfully managed to visualize yourself there without going into panic mode.

I also recommend that you go alone so that you can go at your own pace instead of feeling forced by someone that you love.  You may even find that you arrive at the destination and can only take a couple of steps before you turn around and rush home the first time.  It may take you a few times before you feel completely comfortable being there for longer than a few seconds or minutes.

Remember, all three of these steps are going to take time, so do not think that you will be doing them all in just a couple of days.  Go at your own pace and focus on the rewards that you will face when you are successful at overcoming your fears!

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