As a fidgeter, you may think that you are doomed when it comes to meditating, but I want to tell you that success is not too far away!  Yes, you will find meditating challenging at first, but after a little work, you will find that you can easily sit for five minutes, then ten, and maybe eventually thirty.  

The first thing that you must do is accept the fact that you are a fidgeter.  Trust me when I say that you are not the only one in the world! In fact, I bet almost everyone is a fidgeter at some point during their lives, even if it is only when they are stressed or bored.  

Once you have accepted this fact, it is time to start sitting still for just a minute.  I recommend setting a timer, so you are not constantly checking the clock to see if you are finally finished.  You can sit in a chair, lay down on the floor, or even lay on your bed. Your goal is to find a comfortable spot that will encourage you to not move for one minute, without falling asleep.  During this minute, do not adjust your clothes, wiggle your fingers, move your legs, or brush your feet against each other.  

Okay, so you may fail the first time you do this, and maybe the second time too.  But, you will find that you can easily sit still without fidgeting for one minute after just a couple of tries.  If you are still struggling after a couple of tries, then you can try these other helpful tips that have worked wonderfully for others.

  • Do a quiet activity before you start your meditating session
  • Continue to remind yourself why meditating is something you want to do
  • Fold your hands together, so you are not tempted to move them around
  • If you normally use your hands to fidget, then simply holding an item in your hands can keep them still

As soon as you manage to sit still for a minute, you might want to jump the gun and think that since you can do one minute, you should be able to do ten or twenty minutes.  However, I want to encourage you to remember how hard this one minute was. Therefore, start small and add a second minute and then a third before trying for five.  

Once you are able to sit for a couple of minutes without fidgeting, I recommend that you start by focusing on your breathing…  Allow yourself to stay focused on each inhales and exhales. When I first started, I counted ten breaths and then repeated them. The counting helped keep my mind from wandering. If your mind wanders, just notice it and let the thought pass.  As you do this, you will find it easier each time. There will be times when you are more challenged than others and this is completely normal. Keep yourself open to the experience. 

Please do not give up on doing meditation simply because you fidget more often than not!  I know that it is possible for you to be successful at meditating if you take the time to train your body to sit still.  Yes, this will take some time, but that time will change your life forever!