The holidays are a busy time of the year and it can be so easy to get overwhelmed, overworked, and even forget about yourself and your needs!  After all, you still need to keep up with work, decorate your home, purchase gifts, make cookies, attend parties, and more! Add in your regular housework and who has time to eat healthily, let alone get in a workout!  

You might think that you need to concentrate on all of those other things, so your health and wellness will need to take a backseat until after the holidays.  After all, that is what New Year’s resolutions are all about! Right???  


If you want to survive the holidays without illness and an abundance of stress and pain, you must take a little time for you each and every day.  I know that you do not have time to go to the gym, but that is why I took the time to create a course that you can do at home.  

My Conscious Movement Course is designed so that you can use whatever little time you have in your day to focus on you and your health.  It can be done in the morning, afternoon, or even the evening and you won’t need to go any farther than your living room, bedroom, or whichever room in your home that you choose.  

There are more than eighty videos that will assist you with breathing, exercising, and even how to release the stress that has crept into your muscles.  I even send you the equipment that you will need for this course, so you do not need to add anything to your extremely long shopping list.  

You can go through this course as you have time, so do not think that you must conquer the entire thing in just a few short days.  Instead, start with a few minutes and then add on a minute or two as your days allow and the excitement inside you builds. Once you begin to feel the results from this course, you will finally realize how the holidays were creating even more bad habits that you would eventually need to overcome.  

There is also a private support group that you can be a part of, so you can chat with people who are going through the same struggles as you are.  What else could you possibly ask for during this busy holiday season!  

As you are checking off gifts for those you love this holiday, do not forget about getting a wonderful gift for you!  The Conscious Movement Course is a perfect option and it will keep on giving long after the last decoration has come down for the year.  

So, don’t wait for the New Year before you take time out for yourself.  Choose to be healthy now and enjoy the entire season with your family and friends.  You definitely won’t regret being healthy and happy during the holidays!