When you get injured, it is so easy to blame other people or the circumstances it happened in or a million other things.  In fact, it is easier to blame just about anything, or anyone, but yourself!  

However, does blame everyone, or everything else, help you in any shape or form?  

I can tell you from personal experience that it doesn’t!  And, you are not going to heal any faster if you place the blame anywhere other than where it should be.  

At the same time, blaming yourself is not helpful either.  So, while you should take responsibility for your injury, it is just as important that you do not blame yourself!  Instead, simply accept that you are responsible for what happened and move on. It is only then that you can focus more on your recovery.  

Use These Steps to Take Responsibility and Recover Faster from Your Injury

Stop Making Excuses

When you do not take responsibility for your injury, you are so busy blaming others that you are also making excuses.  Those excuses are not going to get you anywhere, so stop making them! All that negativity is not going to help you grow as a person, but once you focus on the positives instead of the excuses, you can begin to move forward.  

Set Goals

Once you have accepted responsibility for what happened to you, you will be more than ready to set goals.  These goals will allow you to work towards your recovery. I know that it is scary to set goals, especially if you are scared of failing.  This is all part of your newfound growth though, so accept that failure is just as possible as you getting injured was. It is only then that you will know that you are on the right path to recovery and personal growth.  

I recommend writing your goals down, so you can review them every day.  You may also want to create smaller goals that lead up to a bigger one because it will allow you to see your progress along the way.  

Value Yourself

As soon as you accept responsibility for your injury, you may have many negative thoughts about yourself as a person.  As you are recovering, you are going to want to work on your self-value. Simply love yourself and value the person you are.  This self-value will allow you to accept responsibility more in the future and work towards a new reality that has you being more powerful in everything that you do.  

Accept Negative Emotions

You are always going to have negative emotions throughout your life, so embrace them and work through them when they pop up.  That is the only way you will remove those thoughts quickly and move forward, so you can be in a better place.  

Anyone can accept responsibility for their injury and recover quickly, but you need the right mindset to get to this place.  Use the steps above to get you well on your way to taking responsibility for your injury and see how they can help you heal much faster than you would otherwise.  

If you are looking for a way to help you through this, my Conscious Movement Course is an excellent option that I know you will love.  There are plenty of helpful videos that will help you through this injury and keep you from getting injured again in the future.