Chronic pain seems to be a topic that everyone is talking about and while some people think that taking pills is the answer for everyone, I happen to know that those pills do not always help and they can be quite addicting.

Many years ago, I discovered that meditating can be quite helpful for pain management. After all, every time you, or someone else, meditates, they are rewiring their brain. This rewiring can not only lower your pain levels, but it can also lower your stress levels, anxiety, and stress. When those three things are lowered, they will also help lower your pain levels even more.

The meditation technique that helps to conquer pain is called mindfulness meditation. This type of meditation will have you focusing your awareness on the present and learning how to release your pain so that it becomes manageable.

I know, this sounds crazy and unimaginable, but believe me, you will feel much better once you have honed your skills and know-how to meditate in this way.

Meditation as a Tool for Pain Management

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a special type of meditation developed for the Conscious Movement Course which is very similar to the meditation that you are familiar with. You will first need to find a quiet and comfortable space to practice in. While many people sit, either on the floor or in a chair, please feel free to lay down if that is how you are the most comfortable! Once you are in position, you can start to focus on your breathing or whatever other focal points you choose.

Due to the pain, you may find that your mind wanders more than you thought that it would. This is completely normal, so do not worry! Simply accept the thoughts as they present themselves and then allow them to pass on by. You should do this for approximately ten to fifteen minutes and then add time as you go along.

If you cannot sit and meditate for ten minutes, in the beginning, lower the time to what you can do and then build it up from there. After all, your goal is to succeed, not fail! So start where you feel comfortable and then congratulate yourself when you can meditate for a minute longer.

It is going to take time before you see the results that you desire from meditation, especially when it comes to your level of pain.  However, over time, you will see and feel the difference in the level of pain that you are experiencing.

I want to encourage you to start meditating to decrease your pain levels today and you can also check out my Conscious Movement Course.  There are more ways to lower your pain than taking a pill and I know that you will finally find the results that you have been searching for once you have all of the tools that you need.

Meditation as a Tool for Pain Management