There are many things that you can do when it comes to your own personal self-care, but one of my personal favorites is listening to free guided meditations.  All of these meditations that I am going to share with you will help you as you find your center once again, while allowing you to destress and heal physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

I try to meditate two or three times a day, but that is my personal preference.  You may find that once a day is plenty for you or you may find that you need to meditate more often on occasion.  If you have never meditated before, I urge you to try it and see how beneficial it is for your health. Your anxiety levels will instantly decrease, your immunity levels will increase, your confidence will soar, your breathing will improve, and your blood pressure will drop to levels you probably haven’t seen for quite some time.  

My Favorite Free Guided Meditations

Meditation to Change Your Thought Process

Rewiring your brain is never easy, but Rick Hanson, PhD and Richard Mendius, MD make it so easy in their guided meditation, Meditations to Change Your Brain.  This guided meditation video will have you spending ten minutes focusing on changing the way you think and process information.  It is possible to turn your brain into your ally and remove all those negative thoughts that always seem to be popping up, but you must put the work in to rewire your brain.  This meditation will allow you to do just that, if you keep an open mind and consider the possibilities. 

Meditation for Your Overall Well-Being

When you have a good thirty minutes of time to focus on meditation, I encourage you to listen to Rick Hanson’s Meditation 1.  This thirty minute guided meditation will allow you to focus on your personal needs.  In fact, he encourages you to not listen to him if what he is saying doesn’t pertain to you or you know that a different phrase or option will work better for you.  I urge you to listen to this guided meditation completely, without giving it much thought, and then go back to it again, either right afterwards or the following day.  You will be amazed at how much clearer things seem the second time around and I guarantee that this will quickly become one of your favorite meditations for when you have a longer block of time to focus on yourself.  


Meditation for Happiness

Did you know that happiness is not something that happens automatically?  You need to work at being happy and most of the time, that means changing your mindset and outlook on life.  If you have noticed that you are not as happy as you want to be, or you are not as happy as you once were, I want you to listen to Meditations for Happiness.  This guided meditation will give you the tools that you need to learn the skills of how to be happy every single day of your life.  This will only take approximately ten minutes of your time each day, and while you will not see major results instantly, you will see some small changes immediately after doing a session or two.  Imagine waking up with a smile on your face in the morning or getting through the afternoon hangry hours without almost biting your co-worker’s head off. It is possible and you will be thrilled that you can feel happier about your life, yourself, and those who surround you.  


I encourage you to listen to these three free guided meditations today or within the next couple of days.  I know that you will be thrilled with what you hear and what you learn during your meditation time, and that you will finally be ready to fall in love with meditation once again!