Congratulations on finally starting your meditation journey!  

While you have finally jumped the hurdle and gotten a few meditation sessions in, did you know that meditating consistently will benefit you even more?  

It is true, so if you think that you feel amazing with the meditating sessions that you do squeeze in, imagine how you will feel if you do it more consistently!

Six Ways to Meditate Consistently

Schedule Your Meditation at the Same Time Every Day

You may think that I am crazy for saying that you must meditate at the same time every single day, but think of all the other things that you do at the same time every day.  Don’t routines like that make your life so much easier? And don’t you stick to those routines much better than all of those things that you do not have a routine for?  

I am even going to go as far as telling you to set your meditation time for the morning because it will be one less thing you need to do later on in the day when you are tired and ready to crash.  I also recommend that you do your meditation before you check your emails, make breakfast, or do any of those other early morning activities.  

If you just cannot squeeze meditation into your mornings, then my second choice would be right before you go to bed.  Of course, if neither of those times works, then just schedule it for the same time that works best for you during the day.  

Create an Inviting Space

When you have an inviting and comfortable space for meditating, you are going to look forward to using it all of the time.  I recommend that you find a space in your home that you can use for meditating and place a soft cushion or bench there. Add a soft blanket and some soothing scents and you will not be able to wait until it is time to meditate.  

Don’t Judge Yourself

Not everyone meditates the same way and not every one of your meditation sessions will be the same.  In fact, some days may be better than others! The important thing to remember is that you are taking the time to meditate and it doesn’t matter if it is done perfectly every time.  Simply continue to reach for your goals of meditating every day and don’t judge yourself for what you are thinking you are doing wrong.  


Always Remember the Benefits of Meditating

When you are tempted to skip a day, because you are too busy, remind yourself about all of the benefits of meditating.  I recommend that you keep in mind how you feel after each one of your meditation sessions and focus on those positive physicals, emotional, and mental feelings.  Once you realize that you always feel better after you meditate, you will be more apt to want to do it every day.  

Consider Rewarding Yourself

Many people reward young children for doing things, so why not reward yourself every time you meditate.  A hot cup of tea can allow you to extend your quiet time by a few minutes after your meditation session. Maybe you can read for a few minutes after you meditate, instead of jumping right into your day.  

There are dozens of ways that you can reward yourself, so consider which rewards will work best for you and then use them accordingly.  

Exercise Patience

There is nothing that can truly be accomplished in only one day, so do not be surprised that you do not start the habit of meditating consistently after just one or two days.  It is going to take time to get your meditation routine in place, so have patience as you continue with this journey.  

These six things will help you find ways to meditate consistently, so you can feel the benefits of meditation every single day.  I recommend incorporating as many of these six things into your days as possible, so you can start meditating regularly sooner than later.