I don’t know if you are aware or not, but once you hit a certain age, you start to feel things.  And let me tell you… Those things that I am talking about are not pleasant!  It all starts with a little twinge in the back, then the legs start to feel funny, and before you know it, you’ve injured yourself without even knowing how you did it!

I started Pilates way back in college and have forgotten how scary it can be to start a new program.  So I asked one of my clients, Lisa who recently started Pilates later in life what are some of the unexpected benefits she has gotten out of starting her new Pilates workout routine.

Here are Lisa’s 5 Unexpected Benefits of Starting Pilates:

1.) Finally, Touch Your Toes

When was the last time you could touch your toes??  Maybe when you were three or four and much closer to the ground?  That’s about the last time it was for me!  Well, now I can tell you that I am flexible enough that I can touch my toes once again.  And it is a glorious feeling!


2.) I Have More Confidence

Pilates is so much more than stretching and touching your toes.  I have discovered that it is also about mindfulness and focus and considering how you can improve on every move that you are making.  My teacher is always stating that Pilates is our time and no one else’s.  It is important that you make the most of every second of your Pilates session, because that is when you will really begin to feel different about yourself.  You will no longer see a person who is worried about what others think.  Instead, you will see a person that exudes confidence in everything that you do.

3.) I Eat Healthier

Before I started Pilates, it was not uncommon for me to eat whatever I felt like at any time of the day.  However, now that I am doing these classes, I am much more careful about the foods that I place in my mouth.  Now, don’t get me wrong… I still crave big juicy burgers and french fries and ice cream all of the time!  I just don’t eat all of that like I used to.

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4.) I Understand More About My Body

Prior to Pilates, I never knew what to do about my tight hamstrings or other areas that were tight in my body.  Pilates changed all of that, because my teacher has been able to guide me and suggest different things that I can do to improve how my body functions.  I now know that diet and supplements are not what you need for the perfect body.  It is your mindset that needs changing from what you have been doing, to what you should be doing, to get your body to where you want it to be.

5.) I Went Down Two Dress Sizes

I am sure that you can see why I didn’t lead with this one as number one, because you probably would never had read the rest!  It is amazing how I could go down two whole dress sizes in the time since I started Pilates.  My friends and family have noticed the changes in me and so have I, but the thing is, I didn’t lose any weight to drop down to that size.  Nope!  I weigh the same as I did when I started, but my posture has changed so much that I do not need the larger clothing anymore.

I’m telling you, Pilates is a game changer, and I know that you will see these same benefits when you start doing it too.  Start with just one class, or a few exercises, and see how much of a difference it can make for you!

If you are ready to start Pilates right now, download this Pilates workout for beginners.  I know that you will love it!

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